1. Painted floors & graphic prints


    Stopping in today to share some more inspiration for my loft. I’ve been seeing some realllllllly amazing painted floors. What a perfect idea for rental floors right?? I’ve also been keeping track of all the graphic bold black & white prints and artwork. It’s so hard to get artwork only in grayscale, but if you do it looks absolutely amazing.

    What kind of things are you hoping to have in your living space??

    1. Alex says:

      I want to crawl right into that bed! great finds. I’d love for my next living space to have enough room for a desk to work at! I currently live in a place where my bed touches 3 out of 4 walls ;)

    2. Laura says:

      Black floors with white walls and all that light is so beautiful! Love it.

    3. erin says:

      space! light! looks fantastic.

    4. Sofia says:

      I am loving the black and white too–so clean and fresh. Right now I am wanting to revamp mt lighting. I’m thinking a great mid century modern hanging lamp!

    5. chelsea says:

      love the white skull and black floor

    6. Mark says:

      The black floors are growing on me, might have to try that out on the next home flip!!

    7. sécia says:

      I would love to paint my floors black but I’m not sue my husband would. So pretty and I think the white walls are necessary to balance it out.

      ♥ sécia

    8. bre says:

      i’ve never thought of black floors, but i’m really digging it now …. :)

    9. Eva says:

      I’ve been eyeing that ‘8’ for awhile! It’s a DIY I’m planning on doing – soon. So perfect.

    10. Julie says:

      You know I want that 8. It’s huge and wonderful.

    11. dee says:

      oh i just love that 8! it’s my lucky number, my wedding day and my tattoo! haha was this also thrifted, or was it a diy? i would love to know how to make this. thanks for the great post!

      • veda says:

        Thanks for stopping by Dee. I think the #8 in the picture was a thrifted piece, but I don’t see a DIY being too hard to do. I’d love to see the final piece if you attempt it :)

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