1. Friday Finds & Favorites // 52


    I absolutely love this song, but man…this video is just a little cooky…and I love it!

    1. Check out this yoga blog. Now that’s what I call originality!

    2. Needing some photography inspiration in the form of Tumblr…here you go! (Tony Katai)

    3. I would really like to buy one of each of these concrete planters/candle holders from the Etsy Shop Rough Fusion.

    4. oooo. Loaded Trunk website is filled with amazing home goods with a travelers mindset.

    5. Planning a handmade wedding this year. How about making these DIY bow ties!

    6. A tutorial on how to make a fox stamp from Linoleum.

    7. If I hadn’t already bought my 2012 calendar I would purchase this Nature Photographic Calendar from Miles of Light Etsy shop. So beautiful.

    8. Make some easy peezy no-knead bread. Stop by Lark & Linen to see the end result!

    9. A really great source for typography inspiration.

    10. A really great post showcasing gorgeous abstract maps via Lady Loves Design.

    Happy Weekend!

    1. Shelley says:

      Aw, so honored to be on your list Cassie! :)

    2. Mark says:

      I’m making that bread, anybody can follow those directions, nice find….

    3. sécia says:

      I love that song AND the video. Been on repeat forever in my house. Have a good weekend!

      ♥ sécia

    4. Thanks for the link love miss! Much appreciated :)
      Have a wonderful weekend!!

    5. Kirstin says:

      When I first saw that video I couldn’t stop playing it on repeat. So quirky and so perfect.

    6. Noémie says:

      woah woah woah that bread recipe was a great share! Thanks so much! (I’m currently waiting for it to rise – it’s huge and I still have 4 hours before I can even think of touching it!)

      Thanks so much!! :)

    7. Amy says:

      I love that song. I always come to your blog for inspiration. There’s always something new. Thanks for sharing. :)

    8. […] I’ve only read about it recently and I’m so thankful that I have.   I found it through The Veda House, who linked to a post from Lark and […]

    9. jamie says:

      this is the perfect blend… i came away with many website drools. i have tried a few recipes for no-knead bread… and they are never awesome. can’t WAIT to try this one! any bread that i can make post-bar, and then bake in the morning? yes please.
      also love this gyote video. to death. and just blogged about it. great minds. great. minds.
      and those maps?? now everyone i know is getting a map as a gift. perfection.
      thank YOU for sharing!!

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