1. Inspiration for my loft


    I’ve decided to start a new category of post that will feature snippets from my loft, inspiration I’ve been gathering for redecorating ideas, and showcase some items I’m on the lookout for. Not sure if this will a regularly weekly post series, but we’ll see how it goes!

    I’ve been collecting inspiration images for my loft (or next loft/home..) for some time now and collecting them all in my “FOR THE LOFT” pinterest board. I’m 2 years out of design school and I definitely still have a lot of straggler “college student” furniture pieces. I’m working my towards a cohesive look that goes with my style. I like to think my style is a mix of clean/simplistic, minimal vintage charm, and a natural/organic touch. I make them all work together by somehow…haha.
    Stop by my pin board mentioned above for some more things I’ve been eyeing. Enjoy.

    1. Oh, I adore this color palette! and that bench with the bricks behind it… swoon!

    2. Eva says:

      I’m in love with that rug <3

    3. chairsmith says:

      Love this new category already ….. here’s to more loft inspiration!

    4. chairsmith says:

      Ahhh, it was the Bertoia chairs that caught our eye – but hairpin benches on the cheap, now there’s a thing! Make your own ….. hardware from Hairpen Legs (http://hairpinlegs.com) using inspiration from The Brick House (http://www.the-brick-house.com/2010/11/fence-bench). How hard can it be?!

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