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    I’ve been doing some soul searching trying to ways to bring more of my interests to life on the blog without having to create 100% original content in each and every post. (I’m one busy gal and I think this will help ;)  This past Monday was the first of NEW things on The Veda house with the “In Their Home” feature that gives sneak peeks into bloggers homes. I hope to post one of those posts each week.

    Another new feature will help bring a little more focus to my graphic design side. As someone who lives and breathes graphics day in and out and keeping up with design trends is part of my job, I thought sharing those trends would be a great feature. Even if you’re not a designer, knowing how people communicate with what’s around them is incredibly important.


    Today’s Trend // Back to Basics with Black & White
    Recently there has been a growing trend to use black and white detailing or photography in graphic design pieces and advertising. The imagery is usually very eye catching and dramatic. I’ve always been in love with the black and white combination and jump for joy if I get the opportunity to design with those two “colors”. I remember back in my design school days that we used to start ALL logo designs in black and white before ever thinking about adding color. The saying was “If it’s working in it’s simplest form (black & white) it will be easy to transform it into whichever color palette you choose.” I truly believe this is the chase and the majority of black & white designs I’ve seen have been quite successful.

    Thoughts? Do you like the stark color palette? Is it effective?  

    1. chairsmith says:

      Very effective – it really grabs one’s attention!

    2. Julie says:

      You know I love this color palette. :) Those numbers are stunning.

    3. sandi says:

      I’m a huge fan of black and white, love this! Love that font on the numbers and the last images of the chairs, fabulous!

    4. sécia says:

      I adore black and white.

      ♥ sécia

    5. Andrea says:

      I LOVE b&w, especially with graphics. and I do love the starkness.

    6. Ainslie says:

      Yes – great collection of images! What you say is so true. I remember when I studied fine art at college, we weren’t allowed to touch colours for the first six months of our drawing class.

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