1. Walkin’ around town


    I wanted to thank everyone for participating in the little discussion in yesterday’s posting. I’ve gathered lots of helpful insights and I think I’ve decided to give Etsy a try. I think the combination of the two should help me refine my strategy over time.

    The photos above are captured from the streets of Portland Oregon. There are the last of the massive batch I brought home, which is a bit sad. In my opinion, one of the best ways to take in a new city is to walk around town and snaps some shots along the way. Add a hot chocolate or chai in hand and we’re talking perfection.

    1. kristin says:

      LOOOOOVE the photo w/ the pink wall. portland is such a fun city to walk around in. Last time I was there it rained (surprise surprise) pretty much every day I went downtown, so I didn’t get a lot of photos. But man oh man, is that city beautiful. Looks like you had a fabulous time!

    2. These photos are all so beautiful. Especially that one with the pink wall–can’t stop staring! :)

    3. paislea says:

      these pictures are gorgeous. per usual! i love them!!

      ♥ allister bee blog

    4. Liz says:

      I’ll be visiting Portland next week for the first time, and I can’t wait to lug around my DSLR & snap some shots!

    5. Anna Z says:

      I really like the colors in these photos, Cassie! Especially the pink wall .

    6. I love that your giving etsy a shot! Me and Carmila are thinking about doing it as well, reading about it makes us feel reassured (:
      I love these photos of Portland, that pink wall is amazing!

    7. I’m sorry I didn’t write it in the previous comment, but I wanted to tell you I scrolled down and saw your post, where danni gives tips about decorating booths, and loved it! It was incredibly useful and cute.

    8. Caitlin says:

      I love the “Keep Portland Weird” sign! :)

    9. Kaitlin says:

      These pictures are just so precious love the vintage feel


    10. sandy says:

      My fav is the white fire escape and brick building….awesome as usual Blondie!

    11. Andrea says:

      Yay! i’m excited for your new venture on etsy :)

      These photos are gorge, per usual.
      What photo editing system do you use? I have Lightroom 3 and have been trying to get my photos to look muted like this, but I can’t quite get it right yet. Any suggestions?


    12. Kait says:

      You live in such a gorgeous area!! I love the Keep Portland Weird sign!

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