1. redoing my creative workspace


    1. Card catalogue with file drawer  2. accents of vintage apothecary bottles   3. stacks of my favorite books and a classic time piece   4. some task lighting   5. a bold typographic calendar  6. more storage for small items   7.  wire desk racks from my shop for paper organization  8. a stool to sit close by and collaborate on projects   9. a vintage metal lunch box for incoming/outgoing mail   10. a vintage scale to weigh market203 products before shipping  11. and of course my vintage mint green typewriter 

    It’s that time again. Time to redo, refresh, and revitalize my work space. My current space is decent, but after almost 2 years of moving around in the space, things could be better (aesthetically and functionally). I’ve also decided that our current his/hers office space doesn’t really work when you have one person that is super organized and another that loves controlled chaos. So we are separating our spaces. He can keep his action figures and stacks of recycling and I can have my aesthetically pleasing/organized office. These are things you learn along the way. The goal is to slowly gather key pieces and create a space for myself that feels cozy and allows me to comfortably put in long hours of freelance work.

    Here’s my mood board for the space. It’s always evolving based on what items I’m able to source, but I’m pretty happy with the direction. Keep in mind that all my personal items, desk, desk chair, and artwork are not included in the mood board, but will be included in the space later. I hope to create a space that is clutter free and brings new life to several vintage pieces. What do you think?

    1. Chelseabird says:

      Love all of your room re-do items! Can’t wait to see the finished product! I can only imagine how inspiring it will be when it’s done! XO

    2. Shinypigeon says:

      I NEED that green cabinet in my life!
      I’m also the tidy organised one, and he’s the clutter monkey. We plan to share an office space once we get a bigger place…perhaps a divding screen may be in order! :)

    3. sécia says:

      I am also redoing my workspace and have even pinned a few of your goodies that I’d like to add. :)

      ♥ sécia

    4. Caitlin says:

      I love your inspiration…my workplace could use a refresh too.

    5. Jasmine Y says:

      I love all of those items. Inspires me to re-do my own work space.

    6. Love this mood board – I really like the theme that you went with. I would love to see pictures when you’re all done!

    7. looks like the perfect workspace! so organized and aesthetically pleasing! if only i could be as neat and tidy as you!!

    8. Julie says:

      Love #8. That black stool is something special.

    9. Jackie says:

      i really like that top teal file drawer. can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s all done :)

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    12. Pink Ronnie says:

      LOL regarding separate office spaces – I totally understand!
      Ronnie xo

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    14. Hi there, just wanted to say, I liked this blog post.
      It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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