1. my midwestern batootie is out of shape!


    While in Portland the boy and I took a day to do some touristy things, like visit the Multhnomah Falls and hike to the highest point. Seems like a good idea when the starting signs said it was only 1 mile to the top. LIARS!!! We got about half way up the constant incline climb to find a sign that said, “You are half way there. You have traveled 1 mile”. Let’s just say that was mildly discouraging to put it lightly, especially when the both of us are extremely out of shape and the boy was toughing it out mid flu/food poisoning. Oh yeah. That happened. We about died and that’s being generous with word choice. We felt like we were suffocating and our shins and batootie muscles were about to snap in half. Slightly dramatic, but not really. It was pretty, but OMG was it painful.

    *note to self…1 mile by foot feels NOTHING like 1 mile by car.

    1. Jackie says:

      hahaha glad you survived. 1 mile by foot definitely feels different than by car.

    2. sécia says:

      OMG that totally sucks but those photos are pretty freakin’ awesome.

      ♥ sécia

    3. Caitlin says:

      Haha oh man, I feel your pain on this.

    4. Karen Beth says:

      I had a very similar experience at the Amicalola Falls a couple of weeks ago and can relate to how you feel. It was seriously hard. I thought I might have died.

    5. Andrea says:

      oh my gosh you guys hiked while the boy suffered through food poisoning? ahhhhh, I am so sorry, that really sucks!

      You captured some gorgeous photos, though… of course!


    6. Kait says:

      Seriously, Portland looks so beautiful!
      That really sucks you guys had some food poisoning. That is never fun.

    7. lisa says:

      I was just there a couple of weeks ago too! That hike was tough, for sure, but totally worth it! 1 mile by foot is definitely harder especially when it’s super steep uphill :)

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