1. besties reunited in the Pac North


    I can’t really express to you how excited I was to see my best friend while out on the West Coast while on vacation. We’ve been best buds ever since the second grade and throughout the years we’ve been inseparable. Any time we get a chance to see each other I’m reassured that our relationship hasn’t changed a bit. We still laugh for hours at nothing special and retell old stories until everyone else around us is annoyed.

    Every time we are together it’s guaranteed to be a good time. I got to spend less than 24 hours with this sweet gal, but while she was in town we ate at the most perfect restaurants, snapped some photos, told lots of stories, and had a calm girl’s night out. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that we got 8 donuts from Voodoo donuts for the two of us! Classic.

    1. ilene says:

      aw yeah for besties time! and that apple juice is my fave kind ever. :) you guys are too cute!!

    2. sécia says:

      How fun! Lovely photos. Voodoo Donuts! YES!

      ♥ sécia

    3. jackie says:

      Hw fun! My parents recently took a trip out your way and went to Voodoo donuts. My mom loved them! I hope one day to get a chance to come out and visit your city, and of course try some donuts :)

    4. Nadine says:

      Goodness, that donuts… Bliss! So sad we don’t have that in Germany. Or maybe it’s good: saves me money and calories… :)

      Ah, friends like these are literally the BEST! You two are pretty ladies.

      Here’s to a happy Sunday. XOXO.

    5. Anna Z says:

      It looks like you had a great time. :-) It’s so nice to pick up right where you left off. What a special relationship. Those are the best.

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