1. the new catch all


    While I was home over Memorial day break, my aunt dropped off an old collapsable wire “hamper/cart thingy” that she thought would be a perfect item for my shop. I considered the idea for a split second and then realized I needed to keep this item for my own personal collection. I try not to do this a whole lot, but I knew I’d regret selling it. It’s super unique and could be used for almost anything. I decided that I’d try to keep all our spare blankets a bit more organized. It’s just what we needed.

    It’s silver, it’s industrial, it’s collapsable, it has wheels, it’s funky, it’s vintage and it’s just plain awesome. Have you guys received an item recently that is just darn perfect??

    1. lindsay says:

      ohh i definitely would’ve kept that beauty for myself as well! very neat!

    2. patience says:

      Now i really wanna see it collapse! do a vlog? lol

      I don’t know that I have received gifts lately…but there is apparently one in the mail for me so cross your fingers!

    3. Caitlin says:

      What a simple, neat piece! Definitely a keeper for the personal collection :)

    4. Shinypigeon says:

      Why would you give it away? That would be amazing for laundry…no bending down to get it out of the basket to hang out….hang on…I seem to have turned into my grandmother…..
      It’s super cute and I’m super jealous.

    5. chrissy says:

      oh, swoon! that is the coolest thing i have ever ever seen. your aunt is an amazing person. wherever did she find it?


    6. I wandered over here via Maie Daie. I am looking forward to doing some poking around !

    7. Ginny says:

      You have such a cute blog. :D I’m a new follower from the MaieDae blog. Fingers crossed for the giveaway!!!! haha

    8. arielle says:

      that is wonderful! such a creative idea :)

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