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    On thrift days, I usually I wake up early. I then patiently wait for the boy to wake up. Alright, I impatiently wait for the boy to wake up. He’s been tagging along with me from day one, so it’s only appropriate that he shares a story with you guys. This kid cracks me up. Enjoy!

    Thrifting with Cass can be a lot of fun. It can also be a lot of work mixed with awkward pauses and stares. I’ll tell you what it’s like to have an insider’s perspective when she’s on an antique murdering spree. BADTATAT (machine gun mouth noise)!

    Over the last couple months she’s turned the thrifting knob to level 12 and I’ve been right there to experience the highs and lows.  I think the difference between her and I, during the antique stalk, would be the mindset.  She’s on her, “I have to get this online store of mine stocked so I can take down the world,” mindset. I’m on my, “Oh, look at that little pony. What if I put it on top of this Mickey Mouse bobble head so it looks like they’re having sex, then I’ll show Cassie,” mindset. Don’t get me wrong, she loves to have fun when we’re out there, we just have slightly different end goals when things start.

    A lot of times I’ll be collecting a nice range of items in my arms and find her at the other end of the store, obviously excited to show her my haul, only to have it stunted by her having mixed feelings about it all. Other times, I show her something and she practically tackles me she’s so excited. It’s fun shopping with her because she’s not afraid to tell me when something’s just plain stupid. I have a lot of respect for people who can speak their mind, and she speaks up frequently.

    Sometimes we will play little games too, without really realizing we’re playing a game. For example, sometimes we pretend we’re in our own little movie. I’ll take on a persona, like an overly hyped 13-year-old girl with an infatuation with clowns (for example) and she’ll counter all of my remarks with equally stupid retorts. This can last hours and usually carries on through multiple locations. We’ll of course come out of character, but when we go back, the other is right there to play along.

    Overall, I get a lot of joy thrifting with Cass. To be honest, I wouldn’t be doing it if she wasn’t with me, but the company we give each other makes up for any disagreement I might of had. She also puts up with all my fart jokes…    - Jake

    This item, among many more will be featured in the shop. Launch is coming soon, working out a few kinks before pushing it live.

    1. Nancy says:

      just to say, i really love your styling and think market 203 is a great idea. good luck!

    2. Jackie says:

      Ha I like that movie game- I know exactly what you mean. You two sound very in love :)

    3. Andrea says:

      hahahaha i love that story!

      ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/

    4. Can’t wait, Cassie! We are sending you positive thoughts, hope the launch goes really well for you!


    5. lindsay says:

      Ohh I love that your guy posted about his/your thrifting experiences. Great idea! Sounds like you have an awesome support system.

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