1. saturday convos & antique runs


    Today around 1:30, the boy and I sat ourselves down at a neighborhood pub to enjoy a nice lunch. I mentioned something like “to bang, or not to bang”, meaning should I cut bangs in my hair or not, and the rest of the conversation went down hill from there. It’s interesting how a lunch date conversation can turn from ordinarily pleasant to dirty in less than 10 seconds with the mention of a hairstyle. I think the rest the rest of the conversation included mentions of boners, ninja’s and gang signs. Guys… the things they find entertaining.

    We spent the afternoon strolling one of our favorite St. Louis neighborhoods and antique stores.

    I wanted to thank everyone who commented and helped me through my recent really rough day. Having a blogging community as supportive as you guys is truly a gift. Thanks to all of you!

    1. ilene says:

      love these pictures – esp that alley with the door. looks like a delightful day, friend. :)

    2. thursday says:

      Is it sad that all it takes for me to love a post is the slightest hint of perversion? You had me at boner.

    3. Caitlin says:

      I laughed at reading your conversation with your boyfriend, sounds like something my husband and I would discuss, haha! I hope you are feeling better, lady.

    4. Jackie says:

      ha, oh those boys and their dirty minds. i say bang away. in both senses of the word.

    5. Andrea says:

      gorgeous photos, per usual beautiful lady!!

      ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/

    6. chrissy says:

      the beautiful photos caught my attention but you had me at ninjas. lol! a really cute post.


    7. Anna Z says:

      Sounds like conversations of Andy and I everyday. I want all of those globes!

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