1. friday finds & favorites (blogging edition)


    This week there has been some AMAZING things going on in blog land and I am excited to share with you some of my favorite links this week. I love being able to give bloggers the recognition for publishing something truly inspiring.

    I love the Behance Network and this video about putting your ideas into action provides some useful tips on productivities (I’m definitely getting myself an egg timer)

    1. Did you happen to read Kyla Roma’s guest post over on My Girl Thursday blog? It’s all about blogging with a focus on PASSION and it has some great little insights. Go read it for sure!

    2. One of my new favorite blogs to read comes from Emily Henderson of HGTV’s Secrets From A Stylist. She does some great show recaps and guess what…you can watch all of this season episodes here–>

    3. In the mood for a really great DIY project? I know this particular project has been on my list for some time now- Hand Printed Fabric Gift Wrap…omg. Casey ( My Life As a Sugar Lander) guest posts over on Unruly Things and it’s greatness.

    4.One of my absolute favorite bloggers, Danielle of Sometimes Sweet has started a new adventure of writing on the site Hello Giggles. She talks all about mommy hood in a unique and witty way. Check out her posts every Wednesday!

    5. This kitchen renovation featured on MINT design blog is gorgeous. Shows how just a little paint can make all the difference. Reno on a budget!

    6. I’m in love with this heart felt post by Sidney of The Daybook. The post is a sweet note to her husband who is apparently rocking the “husband card” these days.

    7. A Creative People interview with Gemma Correll. on Oana Befort’s Blog. Her illustrations are so whimsy, they make me smile.

    8. Isn’t Katie just the most adorable mom out there. This Weakly Wears outfit is perfect for an on the go mama and love the node to vintage going on.

    9 Some #FF on the blog today because I can never seem to mention everyone on twitter in 140 characters. These girls are (somewhat new to me)must reads. I need to add them to my daily reads list on this blog.
    1.  Love Life
    2.  Aura Joon
    3. Door Sixteen
    4.  Scantingly Brilliant
    5.  Strawberry Moth
    6. Sweet Fine Day
    7.  The Hummingbird Girls
    8.  The Velvet Bird
    9.  Three For The Road
    10.  Whole Family Fare

    I hope everyone has plans to sit back and enjoy this pre-summer weekend. It’s been really hot over here in St. Louis, so we plan on laying low and catching up on things.


    1. Caitlin says:

      Yayy for new links and blogs. Thanks for sharing these!

    2. Kaelah Bee says:

      That video was fantastic and just what I needed right now! Thanks for sharing :D xo

    3. Oh man these are some great links! Also, thank you for including my Hello Giggles link! <3 You're so sweet.


    4. Adrienne says:

      Oh, it’s gonna take some time to browse through these. <3 it.

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