1. 6.5.11


    Wanted to get my readers opinion. First, what kind of blog post do you like to read on a Sunday? Do you like my Sunday Portrait series, or would you rather see something different. Let me know…

    1^ There is really nothing better than a 4 day week and getting to leave 1.5 hours early from work on Friday afternoon. Perfect.
    2^ I was determined to start some sort of workout routine this week. On thursday I went to a yoga class over lunch and the gym at night. Saturday was Power90. I think that’s a good start.
    3^ I’m in photo editing mode for market203. It’s kinda like robot mode and kinda like zombie mode.
    4^ I’ve been doing a lot o reflecting on what I’ve accomplished in my 24th year. I’ll share later. It’s a pretty useful tool to put things in perspective.
    5^ Started watching Shameless, a TV series on Showtime. We’re addicted and almost done with all the episodes in on weekend. True dedication or couch potato?

    Hope everyone had a great week. Anyone looking forward to this coming week for some particular reason??

    1. I like your Sunday portraits! I usually catch up on blogs on mondays though.. (well except for right now hehe) so I guess I don’t really have a certain type of post I like to see on sundays. I say post whatever type of post makes youuu happy :)

    2. Shameless is amazing – I did the same thing that you did, but I have a tendency to go through shows marathon fashion. There’s nothing that makes me feel more like a kid again than having tv marathons – who cares if it’s a little lazy ;) Life is so busy all the time it’s okay to take a break.

    3. sécia says:

      I like your portraits and I’m looking forward to this week ending.

      ♥ sécia

    4. Chelseabird says:

      I LOVE your Sunday Portraits! Keep ’em up girl!

      Oh, and I love your sunnies! SO pretty!

    5. sandi d says:

      i look forward to seeing your portrait series. :)

    6. Jamie Dunn says:


      pretty lady ;)

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