1. All 2,000 wedding photos have arrived!

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    Thanks to our amazing wedding photographer, Olivia Rae James, my husband Jake and I have over 2,000 photos to sift through and make the impossible decision of choosing which ones to print. Holy cow! Needless to say, all 2,000 are perfect to us and we’re not getting anywhere on making decisions.

    I thought I’d share a few more here on the blog as well as share a few deets on the venue, florist, dress, suit, etc. I could keep posting photos for days, but I’m sure it’s going to be old news real quick. Hope you enjoy these little captured moments.

  2. Veda News: Cha Cha Changes!


    Omg! Sorry for the radio silence my dear readers. This summer has been a colossal whirlwind of changes and new routines; many of which have left me needing a little break from this space. It’s now August 25th, time is flying, so no better time to jump back in.

    Back in June, my husband and I moved across country and are now working to build mini roots in our new home here in Denver, Colorado. My husband has officially started working one-on-one with his business partner to continue building their industrial design studio, which is rooted in outdoor & lifestyle design. We’ve both traveled for work, attended weddings, hosted dinner parties, and we even had our first out of town guests stay with us this past weekend. Oh, and I chopped over 10 inches of hair off…like whoa!

    I’m pleased to report that life as a freelance designer and photographer has been going extremely well. Of course their are the daily ups and downs of running our own business, but we’re on the upswing my friends. I’ve been balancing a handful of clients since getting back to work after the wedding, which has been harder than expected. I hope to share more of these fun projects on the blog soon.

    I also wanted to thank you all for sticking around and checking in every now and then. Thank you for the support and the “OK” to take all the time needed to get re-inspired. This time away has been extremely helpful and needed, but now I’m ready to get back to producing some fun content. Stay tuned. Fun things ahead.

  3. Recent Work: Collateral Pieces for The Citizenry


    – Product hang tags with “made by hand” stamp –


     – extra thick stock business cards –


    - hand written thank you card postcards –


     -- brand fold out brochure –


     – “about us” promotional postcards –


     -- embossed leather tags –


    If you follow Veda House blog, you’ll know that I’ve been working since last September with the lovely brand The Citizenry. It’s been a true DREAM project and I get to share a few more labor of love pieces with you today. One of my favorite aspects of this project was The Citizenry’s desire to have really high quality printed pieces that act as story telling pieces and add a human element to the overall branding. We worked on pieces such as, thank you cards, post cards, business cards, product hang tags, fold out brochures, leather stamped tags, etc etc. Like I said before…dream project.

    We’re getting ready to tie up all the lose ends over here for the full product launch this August. I can’t wait for you guys to see all the beautiful pieces that will be in the shop. If you’d like to follow the design process, you can browse the links below. Also, Carly (one of the co-founders) wrote a really great blog post about how Peru (and alpacas) stole her heart.

    ( moodboard, photo styling work, branding sneak peek )

    ** If you are a creative company that needs an extra hand with branding/photography/ styling,
    feel free to contact me or browse my portfolio **

  4. Notables No. 44


    Hi Everyone! Hope your weeks are going well. We’ve made it to Wednesday, so that’s pretty exciting. Haha!

    First I wanted to thank all you lovely readers for stopping by last week, exploring the JORD watch brand and entering the GIVEAWAY. Kate from Kate Albee Design was our lucky winner. Congrats Kate!

    Here’s a little inspiration for your week!
    Notables This Week:

    1. I am loving these driftwood necklaces

    2. Girl crush moment with Alisa Carroll

    3. some white on white color inspiration

    4. Loving the simplicity of this Nordic home

    5. beautiful wooden mobiles made by Fort Makers via DesignSponge

    6. Young Frank Jewelry will forever be my favorite

    7. visual inspiration – the mix of concrete and glass

    8. Art wall inspiration

    9. this mirror is blowing my mind!

  5. Worn. 08 / Giveaway w/ JORD Watches (CLOSED)


    Hooray! Summer is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited about the warmer weather, short shorts, and tank tops. I live for this kind of weather and my summer wardrobe is probably my favorite.

    Summer also kind of comes with fun accessories, right? This worn post shows off an amazing new watch I received (co.) Jord Watches. Jord Watches is a St. Louis (my old city) brand that is changing things up in the watch department and I couldn’t be more excited to share this beauty with you. I also had a lot of fun taking pictures of the watch with my plants. (plant obsession is getting a bit out of hand) This gender neutral watch, called the Ely is made of maple wood (cool huh?), but other watches from their shop sport more “fancy” woods from all over the world. I love how it’s a conversation starter and something you don’t see everyday.

    Giveaway ends Tuesday, July 21st

    The crew over at Jord is gifting one Veda House reader with $130 shop credit to purchase the Ely watch or any other watch of your choice! If you’d want to check out the features of the watch I’m wearing (sizing, materials, etc) you can head over .

    To be selected to win, please leave a comment below sharing how you’d style your watch! 

  6. Veda News: A few snapshots from the wedding day


    As some of you know with weddings, you have to pick your battles and spend your money wisely. You usually choose a few things to splurge on and others to pass up. For Jake and I, the photography and capturing the day in a still photo was very high on our priority list. We wanted our special day to be captured in a way that felt organic and authentic to the people we had attending. Neither of us are the best in front of a camera, so choosing the right photographer was key to everything.

    I immediately chose Olivia Rae James as our photographer. I have followed her work, celebrated from afar from her career success and couldn’t have imaged a better suited asset to our wedding. Her style is very iconic in the way she captures people and events in a very “I’m not even here, don’t look at the camera” kind of way. Not to mention, she is one of the absolute sweetest souls I have ever met or gotten to work with. Gahh…she’s a keeper.

    We have only seen a handful of sneak peeks from the weddings, so until we get the full collection in our hands, I thought I’d share a few of our favorite black and whites. There are MANY more to come, but I hope these will tide you over in the meantime.

    <div class=”footnote”> * All black and white portraits by Olivia Rae James.  All plant/ texture photos by Veda House.</div>

  7. Inspired By: Brookandlyn


    Let’s jump on the weaving bandwagon today and oooo and ahhh over the lovely brand, Brook&Lyn. I know that home weavings and macrame are making a resurgence in blog land and creative shops, but I can’t help but love it. I can remember sitting on the floor in my childhood home with string tied to the base of a dinning room chair, braiding and tying macrame knots into the world’s best friendship bracelets. Some trends will never get old!

    Brook&Lyn is a creative studio run by a husband and wife team. The brand was founded in 2009 and creates one of a kind weavings that embrace simplicity in pattern and color palettes. The team also dabbles in handmade wooden furniture pieces and home goods. A couple things to note…these two creatives take on custom commissioned work and have an amazing Instagram Feed!

    ( Browse Website, Browse Instagram )

  8. In Collaboration W. Rose & Fitzgerald


    Hi Lovelies!

    Today’s a great day and I have a really amazing brand to share with you. Wahoo! If you’ve been following along, a few weeks ago (while away getting hitched) I posted about some jewelry from the brand Rose & Fitzgerald. <— read it here if you missed it. The ring and bangle from the summer collection has quickly become a everyday staple in my wardrobe. Thanks Courtney for passing it my way!

  9. Recent Work: The Citizenry Photo Styling


    Hi Guys! Thanks so so much for bearing with me while I weather the summer blues and the plague of being uninspired. This summer has come with many life transitions (wedding, cross-country move, husband starting new business, etc), but the real world doesn’t hit the pause button like you wish it could.

    Freelance work has kept up it’s busy pace and I’ve had the privilege to work with the most amazing brand over the past 8+ months. The girls of The Citizenry have basically adopted me to help them brand their business, concept and style their products, and even photograph and edit all the imagery for their branding and website. It’s been a real dream come true to have my hands on so many integral pieces of this amazing brand.

    These photos are just a few photos I’ve taken for the brand. I’ll be sharing more and more over the upcoming months! Be sure to head on over to the pre-order website now to snag a few of these items. Let me tell you…that San Pedro Throw is to die for and I can’t wait to receive my very own Estrella’s Rug later this month!

    ( shop pre-orders now )

    * All product photos, branding design and website design is by yours truly, Veda House. Website development by sister duo Telegraph Creative
  10. Veda News: Wedding Week


    It’s been over a month and a half since wedding day and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve longed to jump back in time and relive it all. It’s an interesting feeling to think that maybe the best day of our lives are behind us (eeks)…I’m thankful it was as magical as I had envisioned.

    As for the crickets around here, thanks so much for sticking with me while I take some time to adjust to this new life of mine. The mister and I are getting ourselves settled in our new home in Denver (more on that later), but I thought I’d share a few more photos from wedding week specifically where we stayed. The wedding week and wedding itself was held at Aly’s Beach in Panama City Beach Florida. Our family rented out one of the homes to be the main gathering place during the week. Many other family members rented out other properties and were just as pleased. These are a few of my favorite shots (all digital camera) from the area. If interested, you can also see many shots from my iPhone on my Instagram account. I would highly recommend staying at Aly’s Beach on your next vacation. The pool is just to die for!